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Inspiration: Heightened awareness

The Apostle John chose an interesting format in recording the works of Jesus.

The Last Windrow: Goal accomplished with crawdad feed

It's a long way from a pork chop to a crawdad.
I grew up never traveling much more than 30 or 40 miles away from our farm home. A trip to Sioux City, 24 miles away was looked on as a big event.

by John Wetrosky

Cracker Barrel: Ultimate satisfaction

I know what you're thinking. Having read the title of this column, your mind has turned to thoughts of physical pleasure. The joy of sex, perhaps, or eating a delicious meal, or buying something you've been craving for months and months.

by Craig Nagel

Vogt's Notes: Celebrating a marriage milestone

Fifty years. A half century.
That's a long time.
Can you imagine being married for that many years?
I certainly can, and I believe many of you readers can as well. Perhaps many of you have already celebrated your golden anniversaries.

by Nancy Vogt

The Last Windrow: Will Twins win pennant this year?

Wes Covington is on third base, Eddie Mathews is on second base, there are two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Milwaukee Braves are behind seven to five.

by John Wetrosky column

Political games being played

The House recently passed something that a number of legislators refer to as a "Garbage Bill." Others are calling it a "Bailout Bill." Either nickname is well-deserved.

Thanks for a great snowmobiling season

Now that the snowmobile season has come to a close for another year, the Ideal Sno Pros Snowmobile Club would like to thank the following people who made it a good year locally.

Wrestling show a success

I was so happy to see a great turnout for the wrestling show. Family entertainment and money went to a good cause.
Great names of the industry. Hometown gal Mystik Sexton announces the final match.

Garden Expo 2014

I would like to thank the registered participants that attended this year's Garden Expo on Saturday, April 5, at Central Lakes College in Brainerd.

As I See It: Humans and nature

I guess it's human nature to wonder so much about nature - no pun intended.
We certainly have a curious relationship with the world around us - and by that I mean everything that exists besides us.

by Pete Abler

Support the 'Chili Bill'

If you want to know everything there is to know about chili, there is one definitive source - the International Chili Society (ICS) in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. The ICS sanctions more than 200 chili cook-offs in seven countries.

A new tool in breast cancer fight

Thanks to breakthroughs in science and modern medicine, doctors and medical professionals are able to treat illnesses and diseases more effectively than ever before.
Sadly, all the technology in the world is sometimes not enough to save our loved ones.

The Last Windrow: Dreaming of open water fishing

I was digging my way to the back of our garage recently when I came across my fishing boat, stored there for the winter.

by John Wetrosky

Cracker Barrel: Tha Hardy Boys

The little town where I grew up had no library, and, though I blush to admit it, most of the time none of my boyhood buddies felt the poorer for its absence.

by Craig Nagel

DFL lawmakers sending wrong message

If you were renovating your home and had to move out of the main living area because of the construction, what would you do?
Maybe you would find an apartment to suit your family's short-term needs.

Congratulations to teacher Lori Hodge

We wanted to take a moment to offer our congratulations to Lori Hodge, second-grade teacher at Riverside Elementary School in Brainerd. Mrs.

From the Left Hand Corner: Good government is everywhere

Good government is all around us. Just look for it. You don't have to look very far.
We are among the most fortunate inhabitants on Earth, just because of the level and type of government we have in this country.

by Don Bye

Grim's Tales: Your community needs you

Have you ever wanted to run into burning buildings and get paid poorly for saving property and lives? Does driving elderly folks to important doctor visits and refusing to be paid...
by Travis Grimler

Inspiration: Haughtiness-Not a pretty thing.

In our culture there seems to be an acceptance, and growing promotion of, arrogance or haughtiness. We see it in certain athletes, politicians, radio personalities, and many of those who are held-up as the "ones in the know.


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