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'Government and Business' rebutal

Posted: August 27, 2013 - 4:51pm

A response to A. Martin’s letter titled “Government and business” in the Aug. 22, 2013, edition of the Lake Country Echo.

It sounds like Mr. Martin has never owned a business. Some of his thoughts and comments seem illogical.

First of all, our government has gone the way of the economy; we are broke, $17 trillion in debt. The government has no money and the debt can only be repaid with taxes collected from business and the people employed by business.

Mr. Martin thinks almost half (non-Democrats) of Americans are uninformed. He also believes capitalism is a defective system, even after it turned the United States into the greatest nation on earth.

He may want to move to the Soviet Union if he likes that system. I have not seen the middle class collapse. There are more Lexus cars and $400,000 homes now than ever in history. They are owned by the middle class. The poor have suffered the most under the current administration.

I owned a business for many years and was a CPA serving businesses. It is only through growth from additional employees that a business can succeed. Why are more than 90 percent of the people in this country employed if business does not want to hire?

Look at all the help wanted ads in the Echo. Everyone knows business cannot be run as a democracy. Even in Socialist countries they are not. If I invest money I have saved and take the risk of signing a bank note, my business will not be run by those that did not participate in the risk. I may also take more than I need because I took the risk.

If Mr. Martin cannot understand that philosophy, he should stop writing articles about how greedy business people are.

Bob Bertram,

Pine River

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