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Spinning the truth

Posted: February 12, 2013 - 6:59pm

Don Bye likes to spin the truth. In his Jan. 24 column titled “Gun allowance,” Bye made the following statement in an attempt to denigrate the NRA and its elected official grading system:

“All of Minnesota’s federal elected officials are rated either A or F. There is no room for grading in between, no B, no C, no D, just 10 times A or F.”

This is a completely false statement, as the NRA grading system consists of A, B, C, D and F complete with pluses and minuses. It just happens that several of our current federally elected officials warrant F’s from the NRA.

I spoke with Lake Country Echo management personnel and asked that Mr. Bye be given an opportunity to correct this lie about the NRA grading system in his next column. I was told they would inform Mr. Bye of his lie.

Since Mr. Bye has not come forward to correct his lie, it would seem Mr. Bye approves of his lie. As a subscriber and advertiser, I find it extremely disturbing that someone who has been contributing a regular column for several years is allowed to lie and will not come forward to correct his lie.

Therefore, I would suggest that the Lake Country Echo say a permanent goodbye to Mr. Bye, as readers cannot rely on what is said by Mr. Bye. It may very well be a lie.

Tom Lund,


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